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Due to my increasing professional commitments, I have lesser time to get involved in Indiandragon activities. When ever I get some break, I take some of my older projects and opening it's source to the public. Still, when ever something interesting turns out in the are of interest concerning Indiandragon I do post in my blog.


Your friendly neighborhood dragon !

Code for freedom ?

Everything you see is a code from DNA to what you read here.

Programming is an art, like any other art the end result of a program is lively and will  tell a lot utut the people who built an application.

Science is all about solving problems of daily lives, else it would just stay as theory in books. Like any other science, computation can help in solving issues of modern world.

I strongly believe programming can be used for the welfare and liberalization of the people.

So shall we code for freedom ?

So what have I got here ?

[Inactive] Check out my News site on latest in Technology, Gadgets, Information Security, Business, Sports, Lifestyle, Entertainment  written by me a bunch of  super talented writers.

See my blog for some really interesting Tips,  Awareness, Reviews, History and even cooking .

[Inactive] Check out  my  interesting projects, you might have been benefited by one or more of my projects. All most  all of which would be open and free to reuse .

[Inactive] See Marana mokkai, my approach towards trolling with a touch of sarcasm.

[Inactive] See my Album, we do got some interesting photographs up there.

My stores has some cool  free Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Facebook apps for you .

[Inactive] And finally if you need my help on your projects, let me know through job4me .

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What is Indiandragon ?

Indiandragon is an alter ego of me to explore everything from science to humour.
Now a days I use it as a recreational facility to take occasional break from my busy entrepreunrial life.